Hi I'm Matthew Webb and If your reading this then I very much appreciate it, Iv'e always set out to be a creative individual even though iv'e always done it on my own without anyones support or care, Just for fun because its all i've ever had really that always gave me something back because people never did. Its my soul purpose in life to be creative and inspire others to have fun and be themselves and fight for whats right for you and your individuality instead of getting it stripped away from you from the dead end system that only wants to take and take from you, I always got something back from creativity, whether it was happiness, enlightenment or just a deep understanding of my self.




now If theirs anyone out there who knows me and cares to read this then they know my story is not a pretty one though there has been good times but a lot of being fucked over and cast aside and neglected from family and the system, The state of affairs we live in are so cold and lonely its a free for all of separation in which peoples ignorance is destroying everything, anyways iv'e been through hell yet all I had was music and a general passion for anything creative, it saved my life and kept me going in the darkest times as well doing the occasional crossdressing but thats a story for another time maybe haha. As my life has progressed my mental health and physical problems have just degenerated yet my creativty grew stronger and I keep fighting and fighting because I have dreams and I believe in myself. And even though I don't know how much time I have left on this earth as I am currently suffering with IBD, chronic fatigue mainly but in the past my depression, stress, anxiety, tinnitus, reclusivness was horrifyingly bad in which after years of suffering I was admitted to a mental health hospital in which I got better and was fine for a while but then I ended up in a supported living accommodation with a lot of drama and suffering in which the people and that place made me grow worse again and I eventually figured out my mental health and finally beat it but then my physical health blew up at the very start of january 2018 and something there was brewing for years and now my stomach Is just eating away at itself causing a prolonged pain and the doctors aren't helping and natural medicine fights it off and keeps it at bay and I am trying everything however nothings working and I'm just waiting for it to kill me or send to hospital where they'd care to help because i would be dying like before when i was malnourished with it I was close to death.My life seems to be just one catastrophe after another I can never get a break from it. Iv'e always pushed on and tried to stay positive and work hard to beat it and the fact I made it this far surprises me, maybe I'm supposed to suffer and be cursed.

Like I said before all I've had was creativity,music, art and just anything expressive to try and reach out to people but nobody seemed to care to understand me, there all selfish. Not sure whats going to happen to me but it least I have this website and a lot of music, poetry, artwork and some books out there, I'm just hoping that my story will help and inspire people in some way and that people feel happy listening to my music and take something from it and I get myself on the map. I don't know. Also I keep seeing the number 19 everywhere in different variations repeating itself and Its quite freaky as my health is getting worse. Hopefully if I update this "about me" section it will be more happy but Im not sure.