Lyncia And The Giants

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Nothingness. The void of blackness. Aren't all things created from This? Like a blank canvas waiting to be painted by an artist seeing neon visions and dreams in there waking life, Painting all of us on a canvas of life that is beautiful.


Chapter 1

Woe La's Tear


In the deep blackness of empty space, echoes of white lights cascade through the realms in which there are only beams of colours. Contrasting in a cosmos so far away from everything. Far away from all the suffering and trauma, I can still see the stitches. The tourniquet weaving around my arms like tree vines. Like barbed wire cutting this body of flesh. But the spirit still remains, even after death. Death is just a door in which we enter to the next world. Only our bodies die and our egos and all earthly attachments but the spirit is eternal. Returning to Dao in which it was born from. If you understand death fully then you understand life fully. It seems most aren't willing to do that so we all live in a false reality.

Within the starry nights of the cosmos a sun of golden amber stands amidst a repertoire of planets, colonising its own solar sytem living in the middle of deep space. A planet of magenta called Oriousa. This is the planet of the Fairies, I wide utopia of colour and magic. The Fairies live in peace within there gentle nature and stillness practising spells for happy dreams to people across the cosmos, playing harps on pink and white clouds they harmonise the sound of stillness across there world and into peoples dreams. The 2nd planet Hemlock with colours of midnight black with elements of white and greys. This is the birth place of the Karcero, a monstrous species mastering in the arts of deceit, death and murder. There world is of a monochrome nature with only the sea and sky that is a deep blue colour. Hemlock oceans are of ink and the lands have only black trees with white leaves. Karceros live in tribes like prehistoric creatures but have more advanced minds. They are tall and slender but muscular with big handsthat almost scrape the ground, they have long sharp dagger fingers capable of slicing through there prey. They also have horns for eyes which turn and coil to there senses like antennas, as they are blind all of there other senses are heightened.

The third planet is called Muka, home of the elves who live in harmony with nature as does there high levels of technology for preserving the ecosystem. The elves stand for everything the human race should strive to be but does not , failining continually squandering potential everyday of there lives. The elves don't have currency making them work for the benefit of themselves and others together farming and providing for each other and the animals living inside the great cities thay have forged in which they congregate. They ar also honest about there disputes holding one on one duels between different countries to settle things. Its very rare for all out war to break out amongst the elves
They mainly fight together to defend themselves from different species across different realms. Planet Muka has shades of sap green, burnt umber and lemon yellows blended into other shades of pink and violet.

These planets are ever flowing like the waters of eternal life. they bare many forms of life and creatures.

The fourth and last planet where our story takes place is Planet Liuka. Liuka is surrounded by an aurora of light around its axis turning with each lunar cycles from passing years. The colours of the eclipses that take place rarely seem to change in metamorphosis with the neon moon filling empty space with vibrance. Liuka is further away from all the other planets. It is a world of duality. One side of it is a bright gold with elements of amber, deep greens and browns however the otherside is black grey and misted. The giants call it a dual world as it is made up of seperate yet connected sides as a balancing act.

Liuka was created from a giants tear drop that fell into the universe and rippled onto the waters of this cosmos creating an energy of wonder and woe. Light and dark. The angels that live in the golden fields of heaven on Liuka tell that the giants name was Woe La, and in her last moribund moments she cried her last tear and it fell into the well of this universe which is called the pool of Lyncia. This pool scales across the land of the giants for miles and miles like a huge well in which they watch over us. Like a real life map. Lyncia is the name given to this universe that the gods, godessess and giants created. This tear drop created Liuka making an addition to the other worlds in that solar system by mistake as Woe La wanted to preserve her life in the form of a new world so therefore this world we live inon Liuka is an embodiment of her life, emotions and personality. The other giants were not pleased with this as the elders of there tribes decide who will weave the next world from tears, blood and silk. But they watch over us and guide us accepting us as part of them anyway.
My name is Mizora and I tell you this story from Liuka. The Otherworld. in which I was reincarnated on.

Some say if you look closely into the autumn night at the neon sky you can still see her face crying in such sorrow. Her world of giants is much bigger than this universe. They can see us. They watch over us, those giants of wonders and woes.

Not many people have been to the realm of the giants as it is so far away. The ones that have were only brought there there throough the eyes of dream world. These individuals witnessed many things like spiralling scaley trees rooted deep into the soil, diamond oceans glimmering a natural vibration of sound waves that can be seen as the waters flow, mountains with  noses for hills and faces that cry rivers of blood in times of sadness and cry tears of joy which form into water balloons and float across the land as the mountains smile. There is also skeletal birds with multicoloured feathers for wings gliding across the plains, big trees for homes and tents made from the weavers of the tribes crafting various houses, tools and even weapons from an infusion of magic and natural materials such as trees, tears, silk, clay blood and soil.

There are legends and myths that travelling bards sing across the golden fields of heaven on Liuka. Only tales though. Tales from long ago. Ancient inscriptions and pictures carved into stone walls within caves by our ancestors were found in dug up burial sites and forgotten ruins. The ancestors saw these mystical beings aeons ago.

From all the speculation and stories we do know for certain that the land of the giants is called Himklar. They bestowed this name unto us in the form of a monolith they created 100 years ago to tell us that we shouldn't feel alone and the giants look after us. Of course this was written in our language. The language of Liukians which everyone speaks, there are no sub languages within each country.
This Monolith still stands today depicting a giant weaving a world out of tears and silk with long sharp fingers holding a clam face expression on there face. Inscribed on the Monolith are stories of male and female giants creating many different worlds when the elders permitted it and also the gods and godessess. The female giants create planets in there womb and when there water breaks that pool would create another universe. Then the men would weave stars and other constellations from silk then create moons from milk, suns from blood, rain from tears soil from bone marrow and lightning from eyelashes. Then the women would place there newborn planet into the pool and together they would forge new worlds across Himklar.

Most call them giants because of there size but they are actually a species called Lunian. The Lunians told us through the monolith that those needding there help need only to pray near the monolith and fast for a week as a sign of respect and loyalty to be deemed worthy of there blessing and knowledge. These blessings and forms of knowledge is granted to those who pass the trials in the form of dreams to aid them in there waking life. Each individual will be given different trials and dreams in the dreamworld upon entering as everyone is different, however near the end of the dream everyone would experience death and then wake up feeling reborn and enlightened as the blessin of the divine and shine from the heavens.

The Lunians told us that our gods are also there gods and that we worship together in similiar looking temples aiming to connect instead of divide so we can live in harmony with each other understanding suffering and happiness, darkness and the light. 


Chapter II



The Golden Fields Of Heaven



The two realms on Liuka are seperated by a huge wall that stand between them. One realm is Called Sacramosis and the other is called Blossom also known as Blooma. This wall almost reaches the sky, circling all away around planet and only has one door. The door stands at the end of a bridge covered in deep orange and red mist if you are in the world of Blooma, and white and grey mist if you are still in the world of Sacramosis. A gateway so huge its probably the size of a baby giants finger reaching the clouds. This gateway is made of pure iron and can only be opened at the hands of the gods, giants or the boss of each realm. Sacramosis is the black world of ink and soot, the world in which the sun is blackened. It covers the landscapes in a monochrome abyss of decay, broken dreams and dead memories that were forgotten in the utmost sadness and despair similiar to that of planet Hemlock.

The forests bare no leaves and abandoned creatures dwell nearby in disfigurement. A world of cold asphyxiation. The other world of Blossom is of a gold and amber light with vegetation of flowers and plants that cascade across the meadows of heaven in a shimmering glow filling ones soul with peace as if they can feel the hand of Jesus on there shoulder. Within this world at night there are neon forests and vast auroras filling the night sky in ecstasy within the forests of Elicia. The Black world is called Sacramosis or Morkla to the Lunians and The Light world is called Blossom or Blooma also to the Lunians. We Liukians only know of some words of the giants but not many. Some people do not use the name Sacramosis or blossom instead using the Lunian words instead  as they are shorter and easier to remember. Within Blooma there is a holy place called the meadow of heaven. In this meadow there is a huge tree that stands thick and tall and is almost as big as the gateway of iron.  The white waters of eternal life, like a ravine of milk is next to this tree. The angels sit around these waters waiting to greet the dead souls from earth. These souls drip off a branch from the tree into the waters revealing to the angels all of there life, dreams and memories, then they are reincarnated in these very waters baptised into Blooma, into heaven, covered in vines, mud and moss. occasionally souls of the dead pass this world from the grounds they arise as balloons floating from otherworlds. 



Chapter III


Ghost and Rose



A lost being named Ghost dwells in Morkla desperately trying to find his soul wondering lonely through the land devoid of emotion on a trial of enlightenemnet to find a spirit willing to give hime new life. Ghost isn't a dark being but because that was all he knew his sin was that he simply didn't know any better. The darkness was his friend so he found security in it falling into madness and psychosis only seeing glimpses of light unknown to him.  His friends are mannequins barely animate with mechanical limbs which brought a tear of ink to his eye as there was no connection, just empty faces in a world of sorrow. He cried for days sometimes only wanting love and warmth in his realm of cold, blackness, soot and ink. There were even wars of extreme rage because of this. Ghost tormented a man named Seacrow who lived in a town called Inksun. Also a lost soul trying to fight Ghost and his evil empire known as The Pit. A huge industrial factory scaling miles in smoke and radiation poisoning peoples minds in psychosis. Anyone living nearby has to wear gas masks to prevent there sanity from deteriorating and crumbling away unto the very depths of Ghosts' darkness. The angels from Blooma at the meadow of heaven sent a lady dressed in sanguine red leaves called Rose to venture to Morkla and meet Ghost in order to show him the meaning of light and love.

Rose was born in the forest named Elicia not far from the golden fields near the white waters of eternal life and the big tree. Deep inside mother Liuskas' womb she lay cocooned inside an ever growing and glowing bloom sprouting from the soil in this nean forest. Pulsing waves of ambience fill the night sky. One night the cocoon fully blossoms into a bright glowing blue flower which opens its leaves revealing a being covered in moss and daisy heads. She awakens to a shower of rain purifying her aura. Born from love and happiness her spirit calms any aggressive animal or creature to those standing in her presence. She wears a white light gown with sanguine red leaves woven into the fabric and her body. Her face pale like the Earths' moon but welcoming like the sun. rose is ghosts opposite.

When she was born that night in Forest Elicia under the neon moon (which also eclipsed) angels arrived to welcome there new friend and queen of Blooma. Meanwhile in The Pit Ghost stirs in his own filth having cold showers and throwing mannequin heads out the window. He decides to leave and stay in the forest for a few days living from whatever crops grow and gathering natural herbs for medicine. He meditates in the darkness in a void of emptiness and numbness. The days deteriorate without meaning. Within the town of Inksun if one gazes at the obfuscated sky you can see a crying face with tears of black ink falling out of its lifeless face onto the streets of broken alley ways and industries fractured in chaos. There is only emptiness. The infrastructure of pain and suffering woven into winding roads of dead memories.

A lost place trying to find meaning in the meaningless.

Ghost is out one morning in the open plains of the woods gathering food and herbs for himself. He looks up to see an echo of light and sound vibrating through the woods. A figure draws closer. Ghost is scared of the light as he thinks its death approaching and cowers inside a small crevis unside a huge oak tree fearing his life. 

Rose peaks her head in witnessing a man that looks like he is wearing a white mask covering his whole face with a closed tightly stitched mouth, one eye whole and with ink splodges covering on his face like a rorschach test. But its no mask and his face looks distorted and disfigured. He his wearing a jet black robe with a pointy hood that droops down  the side and his skin is pale white. Rose says "you poor man" and sits inside the oak tree with him. By this point ghost is trembling in terror and crying out loud feeling pain he never felt before in his mind as his he does not understand light or beauty. Because of Rose's aura of peace his despair soon fades and they both sit in stillness. he finds the courage to pull his hood down and look at rose for the first time, he touches her face with his dagger fingers being careful not to cut her. He is ashamed of how he looks and what he has become.

Rose caresses his face with soft fingers like silk showing him warmth and connection for the first time. After meeting each other and talking for a while Rose grabs his hand and takes him outside of the oak tree hideout and whispers into his ear "Don't be afraid, God is always with us in our hearts". Then she places her hand on his chest and gives him a spirit and a heart from which he can feel emotions for the first time  and fully comprehend what they are. Feeling the water fall down his hands as he covers his face from the overwhelming new emotions he feels. A light in his heart is born and for the first time he is fully conscious, smiling for the first time that it hurts his face. For a moment the dark clouds shine a light, warming the air. He can feel his heart connect with rose's heart. The light faded and Rose disappeared and he was left in darkness once more, but this time he had the light of god inside him shining and connecting with the sky.

Rose Returned to Elicia

Ghost returned home but he no longer wanted to live in The Pit so he destroyed it burning it to the ground, closing down all factories producing poisoning gas polluting peoples minds and bodies. He chose to live in a deeply rooted forest of shadows called Nightshade in which the poisonous plant "Dolls Eyes" grew like pupils watching over any who dare step foot into its grasp. He lived alone with only the forest creatures and animals as his friends. He spent his days forging and weaving dreams and nightmares to construct a darkness of truth to break peoples ignorance down helping those to understand the errors and the pain of there ways. To help the people of Morkla to not fear the darkness as it is part of nature and without it lighy can not be born.

Ghost began to use his dark spell weaving and incantations in a meaningfull way now as before it was just pure evil and sick pleasure that he gained from others suffering.




Chapter IV



Lolly pop Dolly Violet and the mannequin Jazz bar.



Dolly Violet is a drag queen living in Inksun inside a huge tower block of flats in which he is the only human resident. The other residents are lost souls wondering around the long winding corridors at night time. When it is night time in Inksun it is pitch black and not even natural night vision can help, leaving you in blackness until morning then it lightens up but it is still grey and dim. Mannequins also run the place, quite poorly I might add. other creatures inhabit those stone white walls aswell. Some of which have needle legs like syringes and goosenecks scraping across the ground, some have dots for eyes and no mouth walking around in black latex thigh high boots with no arms and a bald head. Within the tower there is a jazz bar looming with the stench of oil and rust from all the mechanical guests, like animatronic figures twisting and moving through the smokey nights. Performances are cold and emotionless. Dolly chose to live here for the atmosphere. Dolly's real name is Arthur Elixir.

Arthur listens to J-pop, The bands Ling Tosite SIgure, Dir En Grey and Placebo whilst doing his weekly shop at Ghoulsbury's. He performs with his band "Massacara" at the club "Heaven's Night" on saturdays Usually to a dead audience of drug addicts and depressive people bleeding on the tables in a sick form of suicidal behaviour ordering sex on the beach from foxy waitresses. The horned species known as Karceros live in this town and are bouncers at this club.

Hish hash of the Bally Wolla


Chapter V


Mizora The Demigod



This is the tale of Mizora and how he came to be an inhabitant on Planet Liuka. Both Rose and Ghost are Gods and they gave birth to him making him a Demigod, half elf and half beast. His body is pale with deep blue eyes, sharp claws, pointy ears, no nose just a slit for breathing and long white and blond hair with black streaks and robes given to me by my parents with layers of furs with colours of dark browns and greens and a staff holding powers that were channeled inside its wooden roots allowing me to weild powers from Ghost and Rose of good and bad. Black and white magic. Ghost and rose raised me there son Mizora on planet Muka in a tribe of gypsy nomads living off the land and surviving various travels in which we embarked on. Life was bright and warm, smoking the pipe of life we danced at night partying to the very mystical sounds of the elves instruments which resembles aboriginal music with elements of norse and celtic music from earth. My parents told me tales that they read to me as a child about the dreamworld made of glass and crystals which is the source of all eternal knowledge and also home to the souls of war so they can rest with the gods in there sacred temples. The transparency of the world depicts white, grey and blue lights shimerring throughout. People also get brought here when they pray at the monolith on planet Liuka and go through trials of challenges sometimes harsh to help them find blessings and knowledge from the gods and goddesses to aid in there daily lives. Others have past through here having dreams giving to them by the giants or fairies taking them to various different places.
We travelled all across the lands hunting and broadening our horizons with different cultures, creatures and animals we met on our journey learning a lot about the elves. Oneday Ghost and Rose decide to move into a cottage with a little farm to settle down as they had seen enough of the world and wanted to live a simpler life. Mizora refused to go as he is a young man by this point wanting nothing but to stay with his gypsy family and friends, His parents did not refuse and allowed him to stay with them as they knew he would be safe and made him promise that we could come and visit them and stay at there cottage every so often. Mizora did stay with them for a week or so raising the animals and helping them to farm crops and such, enjoying the peaceful life with his parents in security with such vibrance of day time. The amber trees and petals falling off in autumn creating patterns glistening through the sky in such harmony with nature. When the time for Mizora to leave was nearly dawning His parents sat him down in the fileds next to the waterfall where after there picnic they presented him with a chest of crystal shining like opalite gleaming from the suns rays filling his heart with wonder and excitement. He opened the chest to find three gifts. The first gift was a fur layered set of robes with a type of patchwork pattern with colours of dark brown, green and also blacks, these robes had a gold embroidery on the back of the black hood representing that it had been enchanted, this enchantment was created by Rose and it protects the wearer from dangerous magic negating it and reflecting it back to the caster. The second gift was an indestructible staff forged by the giants in which the great elders spent many inticate hours and even years creating such a staff holding the powers of Ghost and Rose within it. The staff coils like branches  on a tree spiralling around the shaft and twisting out as it reaches the tip. Like a blooming flower it spreads out witha sanguine rose made of solidified blood from the rivers of the mountains tears. It also glows with a dark red and gold aura and as he held it for the first time in his hands he too glowed with this aura which also had hints of of blue glows shining through his veins shimmering with magicka.This staff was embalmed with oils to make it blessed and bound to mizora therefore preventing the risk of it falling into the wrong hands. The third and final gift was a apothecary set with recipes from Ghost and Rose to help him brew elixirs of healing, invisibility, flying powers, breathing under water, poisons and many more. They told him that they are preparing him for a great storm of bloodshed in a second war with the Karceros from Planet Hemlock.

Mizora hugs his mother and father thanking them for and embarks on this new journey into salvation with the elves.

The first thing Mizora does is find a man named Matthews demon mother from earth and punishes her with a spell of truth sending her mind into a spirallling psychosis created from her own wrong doing and ignorance. She then starts to peel away turning  into a blood covered mess as her eyes become blinded as she falls into darkness and despair. Her skin burns and melts like wax. She is poisonous like a cigarette representing her llife as she expires into ashes.
Underneath her human flesh is a crippled creature with  no soul. She falls into the cleansing fires of hell. Justice is served. Matthew no longer wants to live on earth because of the way he has been treated by dead people that wear suits and pretend to be angels. Because of this the demigod shows sympathy and takes him under his wing to train him to fight for justice with Mizoras band of brothers and sisters travelling forth into battle.
Mizora's gypsy family welcome Matthew with open arms showing him love and respect he never had on earth. This is his new family now. The Karcero were building armies for years and morphing itno elves in great trickery to confuse and murder them. The black war is coming some prophets say in the elf kingdoms. Tofight this blackness with lightbefore it consumes the entire planet of Muka. The giants look at Lyncia with sadness, there mountains have faces of despair crying rivers of blood staining the land in misery. But they know Mizora will balance the scales. He is a warrior of light created from the duality of his godly parents who will also fight with him when the time is right. Some Karceros live amongst humans disguising themselves as politicians, doctors and business men and women spreading there evil amongst humanity. Most people only care when you are dead and that sums up humanity.
There was a war between world millenias ago before Liuka was created. This war was of harsh suffering creating plagu, famine and disease across the worlds of Lyncia. Bones were shattered like glass draining ven the strongest spirits and people were left on the streets to die. It was a war so foul most planets residing near Hemlock were almost pillaged and conquered in the blackness from the most demonic creatures. The Karcero. They invaded and seiged castles and fortresses leaving trails of bloody corpses tainted with black ink from these monsters venom breath which spewed onto the faces of innocent people and burning them alive as it corrodes there skin down to the bone. Every planet in that solar system was under seige from these beasts.
Muka and Oriousa faced hardship, the giants and gods aided when they could but even Himklar, the land of the giants was being faced with this threat as the Karcero found a loop hole portal to Himklar and  were soon crawling out of the pool of Lyncia like tiny ants of a mass hoard of locust, they were scuttering in waves trying to poison and kill the giants. The fairies on Oriuosa struggled as the Karcero couldn't get to them to kill them but instead corrupting there wonderful world with there venom and ink spew corrupting and they lovely little homes. which forced the fairies to go into hiding and they fought back with light from there angelic harp playing and singing which turned the karcero to stone to then shatter on the ground purifying them into a clear water nourishing the soil. The Goddess called Sing sacrificed her life to cast a protective spell on the entire planet of Oriousa Embalming it with light to stop any more Karcero from getting in by cleansing them in light killing them instantly if they tried pass through this protective barrier.The Karcero flew through deep space in there ink form shooting through the cosmos in a black storm waiting to reform on a planet as there true monstrous form ready to murder more. When Sing did this the fairies destroyed the remaining beasts evaporating them with spells, music and creating hailstorms of chants to banish the evil. They also burnt sage to keep them at bay from there homes.
The elves on Muka waged war heavely, splitting heads with swords , axes and halberds pushing back the Karcero away from the elves huge towers and forts with enchanted shields to negate there corroding venom. Piles of Karcero bodies lay stacked up like sandbags outside the great walls of the elves homes. However the number of Karceros was an advantage against the elves aswell as there trickery in illusion the Karcero transformed themselves themselves to ink and glided from beneath the soil to re emerge behind there enemy ripping them in half with there bare hands and cutting through the toughest armor to slit there guts as there entrails fall beneath them in horror. Also they had an ability to mimic creatures morphing into whatever they wanted tricking there foes to breach the walls and of the elves and slaughter.
Karcero disguised themselves as kings, queens, generals and even beggars. All were ploys to breach the elves defences and hunt them down in battle. The elves  eventualy created code words, hand gestures and a secret language. All were hidden from the Karcero thus allowing them to identify imposters and execute them sending the heads back to nearby Karcero seige camps as a message of contempt for the beasts. These tricks of illusions that the Karcero used did not last long with the elves but did allow Karceros to take settlements easily at first leaving the elves vulnerable and homeless as the karcero rebuilt the forts they stole with moats of corrosive inky vomit making it instant suicide to those who fall in, venom bucket to tip over the wals melting through elves like candle wax and invisible doors which tricked the elves upon arriving, realising it was a trap and could not enter Karcero would swarm them in circles if they were in settlements with no moats crushing the skulls with just one hand and impaling elves with there dagger fingers hauling them off the ground and then skinning them alive to eat and drink there blood. They also made other traps like caltrops made of sharp teeth and creating spears from there  dead soldiers arms, legs, and horns which they placed at the bottom of giant pits waiting for anyone misfortunate enough to fall in.
The elves Desparetley thrived to claim there fortresses and lands back so priests and priestesses cast a forcefield on the entire garrisons protecting them from the venom rendering it powerless therefore giving them the opportunity to get close to the gates with the mages blowing the doors off there hinges in a firey rage so the soldiers could storm the walls and create an onslaught of pain amongst the Karcero leaving no trace left with there ward spells, armour, weapons mages and healers, They forced the Karcero to flee and banish the monstrosity that plagues them. When the war was finally over the stillness of death still lingered as did the trauma as homes were rebuilt and the people were safe again. The gods and goddesses took the brave souls of the Fairies and elves that died fighting and  gave them a peaceful home in the Dream World waiting to be summoned again in another life.



Chapter VI



The Black Murder



Because of the goddess Sing, Oriuosa is untouchable by Karcero. However in these coming times a second war is brewing between just the Elves and the Karcero. In the great city of Elderoot (which gets its name as being the first and therefore oldest city of the Elves) there lies an archive of books, scriptures and records. The elders of the city council find the book called "Hidden languages of war" which contains the entire collection of strategies, tactis and philopshies of war from the past which they documented so they din't forget how they triumphed In this book also contains the entire secret language they made when they heroicly defeated the Karcero In the first war. If a second war was soon to suddenly flash like lightniing within hollow thunders of the battlefields with the opposition breaching there walls once again then they must be prepared. Since the first war the elves have advanced dramatically with more experienced mages and priests and priestesses wielding stronger spells and chants, armour made from more resilient battle born metals, the weapons were also created from this metal and they ride on stronger creatures that they were breeding over hundreds of years to control evolution in a way to create more resilient beasts to ride into battle with. There forts are now made of the same resilient metal the armour and weapons are made from. This ore was dug up from ancient excavation sites and glows white with hints of blue and gold. Blades are sharper, shields are now ward spells instead of actual shields to block from not only physical attacks but also magic ones too. These ward spells act as real shields and take on a similiar form protecting a bigger radius of the body.
The Karcero have also advanced to a higher caliber taking on bigger and taller  bodies through years of evolution and have sharper senses they hail war cries in groups which partially deafen and blind there enemies. They now wield huge bone clubs made from a creature on there planet called Slithan. These Slithans have scaley skin that even Karcero struggle to penetrate, they are also enormous and ugly beasts with about five chins with hanging fat body deposits to keep there bare skin warm in cold winters. The strongest feature of these strange creatures are there hind legs which stomp there prey to instant death and can break the ground along with a group of Karcero underneath there feet. The bones of this creatures hind legs are what the Karcero make there clubs from and are almost unbreakable.
They still use there huge hands and long dagger fingers to puncture and break there prey but these clubs they have forged prove more effective in the art of the hunt. SHields were also created from bone for soldiers wielding one handed clubs as oppposed to the mighty two handed club that only the huger ones can wield without falling over. They have also mastered a new ability which allows the to send nauseas gas from the pores causing psychosis to any who breath in these fumes incapacitating them in darkness and fear.
One day the people of Elderoot are gathering to welcome Shenok a new king to rule the lands. As there new ruler emerges from the tower to stand amongst them on a higher platform from within the centre of the town, a roar of applaude fills the sky almost like a war cry ricocheting off the walls of the streets. He speaks of the emerging prophecy of a second war with the Karcero. He re assures the panicing whispers amongst the crowds staing that they are fully prepared for another war. Elders and priests are gathered to offer words of comfort and blessing. 
Shenok says a blessing to the crowd as they stand in awe for there new ruler that they waited so desperately for. Embracing this new moment the citizens enjoy this time of peace and hope. The light of day and joy starts to darkne as the sky unexpectedly dims and the crowd panic slightly. Shenok grabs an innocent peasant by the face and breath venom down his throat killing him from the inside out with poisonous black tarry venom corroding the skin and melting the persons body to liquid nothingness. The crowd panic furiously running away desperatly only to be blocked by Karcero soldiers that have emerged from out of the ground. This so called Shenok then breathes the gas of psychosis from his pores corrupting the minds of the innocent turning their skin pale as they hit the floor crying and witnessing vision of despair and suffering. The sky darknes more and the rain starts to pour and a crack of thunder roars as Shenok morphs into a Karcero! The townspeople, elders and priest crawl away in fear trembling with fear suffocating in asphyxiation from the fums of this nauseas gas. This fake Shenok roars a war cry deafening and blinding them into the blackness. Karcero continue to emerge as Elven warriors arise to only be overwhelmed and slaughtered by this threat. The hollow thunders roar as the city goes up in flames and blood staind the walls as bodies pile up and are thrown like ragdolls breaking into walls and other warriors. Faces no longer become Identifiable with a single bludgeon of there bone clubs breaking Elven faces through there helmets. Laughing in ecstasy the Karcero storm the towers.
Trails of blood soon taint the city as hoards of these locust break through the walls giving the elves no chance to even breathe. Claws slit the skin, clubs batter bodies in a bloodbath, venom breath spews melting faces as they disintegrate the soldiers and town in a wave of blackness.
The black war begins.

Mizora is woken from his slumber as a Karcero bursts into his room within Elderoot trying to kill him, Mizora clicks his fingers and the beast instantly becomes dismembered. As there limbs break and fly across the room in a crippled mess Mizora leaves the beast to die as he grabs his staff and steps outside in horror to witness that the entire city is under seige. Mizora casts a flaming torrent of spells with his staff paralysing these demons in seconds burning them from the inside out. Not being touched by there venom or gas of psychosis because of his enchanted robes he slams his staff down in conviction sending a light wave across the Elderoot banishing all Karcero in fear. They retreat outside the walls and vanish into the wilderness. The remaining beasts he defiles with telekinetic powers lifting a group of these outstandlingly large beasts into the air. As they float he chants battle spells to cripple, crack and unhinge bones, skin and limbs from there bodies torturing them until they die before throwing them over the walls in fury.

The next day the city lay in ruins with black ink staining most walls corroding them as the bodies of soldiers and townspeople are sent to be blessed and buried. The city council get on there knees and bow as thanks to Mizora for saving them. The real Shenok wakes up from his temporary coma the Karceros put him in. THe peopl of Elderoot call what happened the day before "The black murder" for self explanatory reasons. Shenok awakens in anger as he did all he could to prepare for onslaught stating how trained his men, taught everyone the secret language and codes to spot imposters also he fortified the walls of the city with more soldiers and traps and stronger walls of metal.
But somehow they managed to sneak in and breach the city. The reason for this was that one of them slithered underneath the ground and found the kings sleeping quarters. Slowly reforming and emerging from the ground this Karcero created a sleeping gas sending the king unconcious sending him to the Dream World temporaly wondering around crystal paths of blue and white lights he spoke to the gods and goddesses for a while. When he knocked the king out he turned into the king mimicing him and even know he didnt know this secret language as he was king they assumed nobody would question it, which they didn't. Shenok said they are like snakes as he stormed out to meditate and also bow his head and shaking Mizoras hand as he left.
The city council gather with general, kings and queens from across the lands to discuss and inform Mizora of there plans to defend the entire planet from the Karcero. Shenok sent a message to the entire planet at the heart of Elderoot using an ancient spell created by the masters of magick hundreds of years ago. Only Elves can hear these messages  which give them a fighting chance to communicate with one another across the globe.
The Karcero refuse to back down and soon send a message to meet them outside Elderoot in the mountains to engage in all out war. The Elves do not refuse as breaching the walls of there most beloved city is an unspeakable crime and requires punishment. Ghost and Rose set out to mett Mizora in Ederoot. As they arrive everyone kneels and puts there hands together in prayer to respect the fact these gods from Liuka came to protect them. They meet Mizora at a small cafe and are excited to see there boy has become a man. They chat for hours conversing tales from there travels and dreams sent to them by the Fairies and the Giants. The cafe is wooden and warm overlooking a small riverbank near violet trees and red grass. Its workers are fellow elves, brewing potions of healing, intoxication, relxation and generally refreshing ones they enjoy there work. They also brew herbal teas with a repertoire of tastes and effects. Ghost told Mizora that once that he saw man go invisible from one ofthese strange teas and then made a humerous stating: "well at least he didn't have to pay for his drink". Mizora and Rose chuckled as did some workers nearby. The conversation turned to more serious matters as they began to discuss the upcoming battle in the mountains not far from Elderoot. Ghost and Rose were proud to hear that there son Mizora drove away the Karcero with great valour and they will join him and the Elves in this new fight.
They will set out two moons from now and meet the enemy at dawn.



Chapter  VII






Shenok marches to confornt the monsters at dawn whilst leaving Mizoras band of soldiers to watch of the gates of Elderoot with the other warriors. Shenoks great army holds up to three hundred thousand men and women warriors. There is archers, using spell bows, priests, Priestesses, healers, mages, cavalry, spearmen and many infantry with armour of white, gold and blue wielding axes, swords, hammers, shields and halberds. He will send the the archers in first spread out in a horizontal line firing arrows of fire, ice, lightning and paralysis to break the Karceros front line down before they arrive to clash with us.when they do meet the archers head on they will split dwn the middle and the spearmen will charge through the centre impaling the Karcero in a wall of death breaking the enemies front line as the archers draw there swords and circle them aswell. When the spearmen and archers weaken Shenok will pull them back and send in thr main infantry and cavalry to ciricle the ramaining enimes and pick them off one by one. Whilst this is happenening Ghost, Rose and Mizora will move with the remaining soldiers after clearing the first wave and charge into the second with fury.
Karcero are masters of deception and Shenok will not be tricked so easily the second time. When the Karcero wage war they are barbaric yet deceptive using the gas of psychosis to hinder the enemy so they can vomit venom onto them and brutally crack them open with there clubs of Slithan bone. Not to mention melting to ink and re emrging teleporting behind the enemy to crush and split there defence open.
Using the apothecary set his parents gave him Mizora he brewed an invisibility potion and flying potion which he drank both simultaneously. He then scouted the surrounding areas to see what the enemy were planning, floating through the clouds seeing huge armies of Karcero creating huge pits to lure the Elves into. When he returned to Shenok he told him this and confirmed that they definitly were creaitng huge pits of spears and corrosive venom intended to cut the troops down by at least half.. Shenok was very greatful and commanded his troops to not push on any further and wait for the Karcero to meet them so the Elves would not fall into the trap they set.
The wait was long but eventually the enemy emerged sounding the horns and roaring war cries which didn't cause anybody to go partially deaf or blind as rose created helmets of pure white with her signature embriodery circling the helmets face with a sanguine rose vines enchanting them with protective magic to negate war cries. However these war cries still terrfified Elven soldiers despite being protected form the effects. These helmets were only shipped to Elderoot and nearby lands as Rose only only had enough magicka to make those ones as it requires a ot of time to forge these helmets.
The archers moved forward ten paces whilst spreading out into a long horizontal line firing there spell bows to cut the enemies charging cavalry down. Half of the cavalry were cut down by hailstorm of fire, ice and thunder arrows which injured them greatly sending them off there horses to die or get up and limp towards the elves in a shield wall.The Karcero drew nearer breaking there shield wall to overwhelm the archers brutally crushing through them before they split down the middle to send in the spearmen through the centre. Impaling the stampede of horses that so aggressively rode towards them sending karcero jumping off there dead horses to rain down heavy attacks with there clubs nad shields spewing venom and gas of pyschosis. As they breakthrough the spearmens and archers defence by this point most of the cavalry had dismounted by force of the elves and were pushing the spearmen back slaughtering and melting there faces and biting them tearing armour and skin from the bones.
Shenok ordered them to retreat whilst the Karcero called for back up circling SHenoks cavalry which charged forward to trample the remaining dismounted cavalry. The mages in Shenoks army got flanked by teleporting Karcero from behind and were torn to pieces unable to protect themselves as there spells could not break through the Karceros tough skin. Shenoks cavalry charged the fleeing Karcero caressing there  there throats with with cold swords and axes staing them with black blood ripping the heads from there shoulders as they advanced to the 2nd wave of Karcero.The cavalry were overwhelmed from emerging Karcero beings as they all turned to ink leaving Shenoks cavalry to charge and fall into this poisonous venom burning alive half of the soldiers and the creatures they were riding on whilst the other half were protected by Roses ward spells leaving them untouched and able to get up and fight on foot. As they battle continued now SHenok and the Karcero commanded there soldiers to all charge in for a full blown assualt and as they did this Mizora ran straight in freezing and kicking the heads off karcero, with  no mercy he held his staff to the sky and sent lighting bolts of electricity channeling through his body enabling him to shoot electric spells in the form of punches and kicks shocking the Karcero in paralysis as he beat them down faced first into the mud. It started to rain and thunder from Mizoras spells and the war was fierce. Ghost and Mizora formed spells together to cripple the Karcero and degenerate there bones leaving them disfigured on the ground crawling in agony waiting to be caved in by a huge Elven hammer. Ghost pulled back as he is just a mage and does'nt fight physically leaving the remaining infantry and mizora to push the karcero back in a major struggle as they were Huge beasts with massive shield walls. But the elves did not back down and neither did the gods. Karcero started to produce the gas of psychosis and hinder the cavalry and infantry with mind games savagely cutting there line of defence slightly but Rose went straight in and cast a force push staggerring the Karcero backwards onto the floor whilst she healed the mens effects of the poison she cast a barrier of light around the soldiers to prevent the venom and gas from killing them. Mizora had never seen this furious side of Rose before as she cast these spells terrifying the Karcero beasts. Mizora froze teleporting Karcero on the spot and ripping there spines out of ther huge bodies. Flailing them around like a whip using  it to cut through Karcero flesh in a bloody ambush of valour. Echoes of battle cries were sent across the lands as thye split heads, gauged eyes, bludgeoened skulls, slit throats, bashed shields abd burying there weapons in each others bodies of flesh spraying blood and guts staining the soil as bodies piled up on the battlefield.
Ghost used his black magic to chain the Karceros to the ground whilst summoning whips entwined with razor blades to brutally split the skin and slice away at there internal organs. Like propeller blades these whips showed no mercy. Despite all of this the Karcero still persisted break soldiers in half with one swing of there club and biting there heads of decapitating them and hauling there bodies into each other and battering the defences. Mizora slammed his staff down breaking the limbs off the karceros that befall him leaving bloody stumps in front of him which he would pound into the ground with his lightning fists. The infantry pushed the karcero in a great struggle into a fire circle which gost place around the battlefield so nobody could get in and nobody could get out. ending the battle conclusively the fire ceased and there lay hundreds and thousands of dead karceros on the battlefield whilst the Elves and gods cheered and cried in victory as they won.

There were only fifty thousand elves left standing and they were battered, bruised and injured from the venom and gas however Rose healed them all nurturing them in light restoring them to normal. Ghost and Mizora burnt the bodies of all the Karcero to erase them from existence.



Chapter VIII






Shenoks army returned to Elderoot and they were soon showered with flowers and cheers as they proudly marched through the crods into there home once more. There armour and weapons were broken in places and some swords were shattered making them unfixable even by the best blacksmith. Covered in black and red blood they smiled in relief. They enjoyed this peace as they re-united with there familys. Mizora returned to his Gypsy family who stayed inside the walls whilst his little band of soldiers who defended the walls of Elderoot also met up with him in as they drank and cheered. Balanced was restored.

Battles continued to reign upon the realms and swarm planet Muka. But through years of struggle the Elves eventually stamped The Karcero threat out leaving them to return back to there wretched planet. The Giants were sick and tired of Planet Hemlock so one of there elders dipped his hands into the Great Pool of Lyncia and scooped out planet Hemlock to then Violently thow it on the ground smashing it into a black inky mess killing all of the Karcero and other creatures on that planet completely. However even though there planet was destroyed they lurked on different planets still in packs with there Bone weapons and shields. Ghost and Roses mission was complete so they headed back to the Otherworld of Liuka where they continued to rule there worlds. Mizora stayed in Elderoot with his band of travellers and soldiers who he grew up with and has the utmost respect for.

To be Continued in The second book " Descent Into The Light"