Descent into the light


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The cascading drip of the blood from what I presume was my hand had felt different, something was wrong. There I woke from my slumber to discover an unknown shadow across the empty room. As much as I tried to go back to sleep, I heard dripping Which brought me back to my dream however this was real. I suddenly jumped out of bed, the nervous sweat running down my face as my lungs wanted to explode, It formed into a being I could not comprehend. The whole room  faded to black and I could feel the air thickening, I was forced to focus on the figure standing across the room staring right at me, It was at this point I realized he hadn't attacked me. But as that thought ran through my mind like a patient waking up during surgery its head broke back and his stomach ripped wide open.
a hand of his reached into the black wound and strangely pulled out an eyeball. By this point I had reached complete fear, I was clueless as of what to do I was sunk in an abyss clueless of what was real or not.  Afterwards its mis-shaped structure disentegrated  back into the spawn from which it  risen, the black mist that stormed in the room cleared. I was back. Well at least I thought I was. Was it a dream or my reality? as well as that question everything that had happened haunted me from that day.
I woke the next morning in a dazed confusion as if my mind was distorted and unclear. However the cascading drip of the blood on my hand remenisct me back. The eyeball was sunk in my pale hands as if it was staring at me. I felt compelled to find out why? mainly because of the fact If I didn't I wouldn't be able to sleep ever again. When I catched my breath once more, just when I thought I had readjusted. On the back of the eyeball said "Its raining" I sat there wondering why something so simple was carved into it. And then it became clear something so simple had tested my sanity. My front door slammed wide open as if it had been purposely planned. Then out of nowhere.. It was raining.
When I took a closer observation of the rain it wasn't no ordinary rain. It was but a black inky looking liquid seaping in my boots.






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Daylight broke like glass onto dead skin dying progressively, it was a dark solemn dawn at the brisk cold cemetery soil staring at the grave of my beloved. A flutter of thoughts and eyes blinking at the sight like a book of memories opened at this chapter. Her epitaph layed flooded with roses kneeling down to add an additional segment of beauty and sadness atombed to berate the sensory perception of vast emotion sending chills through my being.
Her name was.........
As i walked back opening the cemetery gates I saw a silhoutte of what looked like someone. I pursued them trying to look for other forms of life and answers in this dreary obfuscated mist. Footprints on the ground bridge walking seeing a tall shadow approach me in the distance. When it arrives it stood parrallel to me , I shivered with anxiety. It was very slender, horns crooked like antennas breathing through its eyes whilst standing hanging over me like a corpse over a piano detaching a sharp finger from its hands like blades streaming through the mist as they move seemingly. A parchment note he pulls out of the finger handing it to me. So my eyes witness the jagged writing inked into the paper reading " Its raining Seacrow, look up and you'll find your answer crying onto thee Sea...crow." 
A withered feeling of resemblance collected from a previous consciousness slithered back reminding me of the eye message before. Barely standing amidst the confused faint emotions I look up taking deep breathes as I do describing a jet black face of despair sadder than all the souls of the dead crying within this misted twisted world, shedding tears of black rain falling descending caressing my face like ink cascading down a white canvass. I stood blank, when i looked down. The beast was gone?
Questions bloomed in my mind soil.
I collapsed.








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Opening my eyes briefly seeing more shadowed figures as if metamorphosising into monsters surrounding me in a cluttered environment. Suffocating in the toxic air I awoke blundered with bruises. They sat me on a desk in an empty black and white room with a  statue looking person climbing from underneath the desk standing opposite me holding a bag of mannequin heads introducing himself as "Ghost" he spoke to me in an emmonating voice distorted and contorted from what i presume was from his mask still definable echoing off the walls. Saying " you know me but I don't think you do reflected like a mirror staring back at you like messages in dreams sending you signals to understand"
Seacrow: I, just being able to speak mentioning " Is that why I can hardly breathe, because your trying to tell me something"
Ghost: I exist because of you, I am a mere reflection of you so I am neutral like suffering and happiness. Where there is light  there is always a  shadow and where theres a shadow there is always light. I heard that somewhere.
Seacrow: hmm? I dont see any light?
Ghost: Wonder why.
Puzzled still piecing the pieces together I sat there noticing his mask looks sewed onto his face or is he really like that with black splotches on it like a rorshach test. Huh? does feel like a psychological analysis. I'd hate to see whats underneath, as i said that I had thoughts of it being me which I quickly shrugged away cringingly.








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I grew tired of talking and decided to fight my way out of there resulting in failure considering I'm sleep deprived, bruised and confused. "stop!" said he, pouring the mannequin heads onto me as I layed bleeding. I am a your shadow he said and that lady of yours resting in the cemetery was your light he said smiling and laughing. Her name was........Rose. Was it not?
My eyes widened
War cry out. "Rose" she died in that fire. And who set the fire Seacrow? Ghost mentions. By this point i was being held back by those horned things screaming silent anguished sounds at Ghost being dragged away by my trench coat, nails scraping trails on the floor, doors slam shut. I was imprisoned here. Ghost calls it "The Pit" where all the mad monsters congragate. Am I a monster?
Cell block drips dead winter air flowing in from vents vibrating sounds of screams and snarls breaking my will, I'm losing hope  looking around. Ghost placed a mannequin in my cell wearing Rose's clothes, what a sick fuck. He also placed horror board games (with me in it depicting this world), puppets, a toilet, bed and paintings of these monsters with horns for eyes with a note reading. "Karcero" so thats what they're called?
There is a fragment of a poem reading:
Shadows look like people waving at me
 people in cars turn out to be not people in cars
 misted lifeless night shrouded in somber nothingness and woe
 Theres a Crow nesting near the sea,
 Sea crow her name lays within yours.
Pathetic fallacy

When I finished reading it I pondered thoughts and questions spinning round like a gramaphone vinyl playing like the voice in my head. when it came to a stop I realised I need to get out of here and go to the beach to look for answers. Rose always loved that beach, the memories woven into me like threaded material patterns on my coat.






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So the days passed by like cars on a motorway going nowhere but off a cliff. I forged a garrote wire out of shoe laces from shoes in a box in my cell. When they'd take me out for food I stole a fork and found a paper clip, bending the fork ends back leaving the centre pointed like a middle finger preparing for an opportune moment. After months of scavenging and mesmerising everywhere. I left my cell one night pick locking it with the fork and paper clip. They took away my shin knife from me but not my sheathed knife concealed woven into the fabric of my leather trench coat with a hidden zip. As I pulled the sharp black jagged blade out I hear the echoed sound of Karceros coming back. Two of them, shaking heavily I pace myself in the shadows flying out quicker than a bullet hitting the ground gutting there necks silently hiding them before they put the surveillance cameras back on which were undergoing maintenance, so i had to move quickly and carefully within the complex. Snuck past odd rooms cell blocks and firey engineering rooms of which one room consisted of random melting monster carcass' disfigured round a drinks bar glooming into a melancholic ambience with an invisible depressive jazz band. Also a library of black books filled with floating hands turning the pages. Not looking to long I stumbled across a lost soul named Matthew Webb in a cleaning cupboard hiding armed with cleaning spray and steel toe cap work boots. He too is in the process of escaping so we exited through the back which lead to a long windy corridor hearing Ghost through a crackly intercom making humming sounds listening to "abyss within my soul" by Triptykon. The corridor shifted into a maze that seemed endless sneaking round corners signalling each other like spec op soldiers creeping past each Karcero like spiders. As we made it to the end we fell through the floor is if it were made of paper tearing and tumbling down a big mechanical slide stained with blood, ink and paint






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hitting the bottom like minced meat in a slaughter factory covered in shit landing in a huge wet sewer rushing frantically not noticing much of the atmosphere anymore climbing up a ladder moving into a room studio with cameras and developed photos of red alley ways with canvasses decorating the puddles of bloody rain in the alley way we reached after ascending. When we did reach the alley way surface I took Matthew to my house knowing that Ghost would never find it considering its very hidden in the middle of nowhere and bearing in mind we weren't followed by these floating head scouters with multiple faces sent by Ghost to catch us. We both had a sense of deep relief after finally making it to my house blistered, lungs hurting from running and more or less everything aching to an extreme degree. 
I made us food and cracked open some fursty ferrets and speculated for a while into the night, He stated that he's not originally from this world but was brought here by a sick and evil energy scurrying deeper down the rabbit hole almost being consumed nearly by it. Seems to be here for the same reasons I am. To get through this and make sense of everything, First meeting him I said i thought he was a woman, He laughed looking down smiling to then look up and say it happens all the time its weird suddenly going quiet again resonating a certain innocence to him I could also see in myself. A Few bottles later after explaining everything I possibly could meeting a mutual understanding and generally clearing things up recognising each others paths deciding to work together. So the next day I found some gas masks I had from being in a small resistance army in the past with Rose before the incident. These masks prevented the mist air deluding our thoughts and stopping us fainting. Can't beleive I forgot it when I went out I wouldn't of been abducted otherwise (Sigh) nevermind.







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As we both prepared for going out on the beach mission Matthew really digged my stealth gear consisting of black double bladed katanas, throwing knifes and steel nunchucks also books on tai chi, Kung fu and ninjitsu not like he needed them he'd already trained in these martial arts as a hobby he mentioned last night to help with mental and pyshical health problems. And last but not least a Matte black metal bow on a rack next to poisons for the arrows. He was very pleased when I let him have all of it considering I was using more high tech equipment I had wheras Matthew prefered more primitive stuff, made sense. He tied his hair back in a samurai looking bun with boots on with my old stab proof vest underneath a fortified fabric (woven with thin metal plates to protect vital organs in the upper abdomen)ninja suit customised with metal and leather gauntlets to provide stealth capabilities aswell as comfort and protection from bullets and knives or huge sharp claws in this situation. Who knows what else is out there? Not many people remain in this city due to Ghosts corruption people called it. They are either monsters or lost souls wondering a broken world. Most of the resistance were wiped out in the past when we tried invading the pit but were overwhelmed by Karcero demons and other creatures that didn't yet have names to define such blackness. Not sure what happened to the survivors, if there were any. I seem to be the only one.






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Matthew told me about a story he heard from a man in the "Massacara inn" who lived out in the wilderness named Alex Plummer Aka "Alix the mighty" which is a nickname given to him to describe his vast repertoire of survival techniques, craftsmenship of hunting equipment and fortune telling he also stated that he lives in a cave beyond this city living only with tamed animals and nature to let all chakras flow with his surroundings enhancing his abilitys. Anyway the story is of a lady supposedly travelling to the edge of this world where mountains and the sea lay beseiged. Apperently her eyes witnessed a waterfall leading on for miles like the great wall of china being the edge of the world as if the world were flat or a huge island with a waterfall surrounding the entire map vaccinity. I could only speculate as I have never seen this myself, maybe i will someday. word has it she emerged from the sea there travelling up the mountain through a neon white path glowing red to then drift away with the wind flowing through the air like a lost spirit. 
Do you know what her name was? I said eagerly waiting for the answer
Rose he said.
It suddenly became more clear. The poem from the pit, the beach and rose. I had to find out if she's still alive because all the bodies were severely burnt along with the house so I need to make sure. We set out preparing for anything and everything.