Land Of The Giants

The Land of the Giants is called Himklar. These lands hold many strange wonders and also deep woes of surrealism across the plains. The mountains have noses and faces in which they talk to the giants and would cry rivers of blood when the lands were in ruin from war, and they would smile in times of peace and harmony. The tears of joy they shed from this peace would create water balloons floating through the sky.



Not many people have been to the realm of the giants as it is so far away. The ones that have were only brought there through dreams. These individuals witnessed many things like spiraling scaly trees rooted deep into the soil, diamond oceans of white, glimmering a natural vibration of sound waves that can be seen as the ocean beds flow. The would also see skeletal birds with multicoloured feathers for wings gliding across the land, big trees for homes and tents made from the weavers of the tribes crafting various houses, tools and even weapons from an infusion of magic and natural materials such as trees, tears, silk, clay, blood and soil. Some Lunians lived deep within the ocean. There are legends and myths that travelling bards sing in the taverns across the golden fields of heaven on Liuka. But only tales, tales from long ago. Ancient inscriptions and pictures carved into stone walls within caves by the Liukian ancestors were found in dug up burial sites of old ruins. The ancestors came into contact with the Lunians roughly 1000 years ago, being granted entry into the giants world in the form of dreams and memories. It is not possible for Liukian or other races for that mater within Lyncia to travel to Himklar as they would be an ant in comparison to the giants and there world.



From all the speculation and stories we do know for certain that the giants universe is called Himklar. They bestowed this name unto us in the form of a monoilth they created 1000 years ago on the planet Liuka to tell us that they shouldn't feel alone and that giants of all things are looking after them. This was written in the language of Liukians. 


This Monolith still stands today depicting a giant weaving a world out of tears and silk with long sharp fingers and a calm look on there face. Inscribed on the monolith told of male and female giants creating many different worlds when there elders saw it necessary. most call them giants because of there size but they are actually a species called Lunian. The Lunians told us through the monolith that those needing there help need only to pray near the monolith and fast for a week as a sign of respect and loyalty to be deemed worthy of there blessings and knowledge. The blessings and knowledge is granted to those who pass the trials in the form of dreams to aid them in there waking life. Each individual will be given different dreams obviously as everyone is different however near the end of the dream everyone would experience death and then wake up feeling reborn and enlightened as the blessing of the gods and lunians shine from the heavens.

The Lunians told us that our gods are also there gods and that we worship together in similiar looking temples aiming to connect instead of divide so we can live in harmony with each other understanding suffering and happiness, darkness and the light.