Within the starry nights of the Cosmos named Lyncia, a sun of golden amber stands amidst a repertoire of planets colonising its own solar system, living in the middle of the deep waters of the universe. Here is a list of those planets.







This is the planet of the Fairies. A wide utopia of colour and magic, divided into different parts of the world many fairies take different forms and live in various colourful realms of beauty and stillness. In meditation they play harps and ocarinas in groups sat on the highest clouds and trees. Like silk the sound is so soft as if one is running there fingertips through clouds made of silk, harmonising together as one echoing wave of sound across the world in peace. The fairies are like butterflies, they are fragile and gentle creatures with wings of vibrant colours. The fairies are not violent in any way but are guarded by a force field that was cast by one of the old ancestors in times of war with the Karceros. This Force field protects not only the fairies themselves but the entire planet to prevent enemies from laying siege to there planet of peace and light. The magic used to cast this force field is of the highest level and takes hundreds of years to master. The Fairies live for up to 300-400 years old however they can die very easily due to there gentle nature, this is why they move slowly and calmly most of the time.







With colours of midnight black with elements of white and greys. This  is the birth place of the Karcero, a monstrous species mastering in the arts of deceit, death and murder. There world is of a monochrome nature with only the sea and sky that is a deep blue colour. Hemlock's oceans are of ink and the lands have only black trees with white leaves that fall and cascade during the coldest of winters melting like hot wax as they caress the ground solidifying into the black soil creating white stones and pebbles. These creatures have horns for eyes acting as antennas making them blind but heightening all other senses. They are tall and slender with a strong physique and muscle, wielding long arms that almost scrape the ground with big hands and long sharp dagger fingers that could easily cut through the strongest of trees. These beasts have long drapes around there waist like layered kilts and they wear nothing else apart from underwear. As the Karceros are the masters of deception and hunting they can melt into the floor into an ink filled puddle that soon fades moving from beneath the soil to then re emerge behind there victims returning back to there normal form to then savagely mutilate there victims and eat them raw using there sharp teeth to tear the flesh and bone marrow from there prey, leaving parts of there body chewed into a horrifying pool of blood and guts with no identifiable trace left. In parts of Liuka especially within Morkla they dwell inside a town called Inksun. They were summoned there by the Black sorcerer known as Ghost.







This is the planet and sacred home of the Elves who live in harmony with nature, as does there high levels of technology for preserving the eco system. The elves stand for everything the human race should strive to be in many ways for they don't have currency and work together to farm and don't define there lives from ego and therefor do not abuse and take advantage of one another to heighten there own superficial status. They provide for one another and the animals forging great cities in which they congregate and are honest about there disputes holding one on one duels between different countries to settle things instead of all out wars. Its very rare for all out wars to break out amongst the elves. They mainly fight together to defend themselves from different species from various realms. This planet has shades of sap green, Burnt umber, lemon yellows blended into other shades of pink and violet. Despite the Elves being peaceful and balanced beings they should not be underestimated as they are very fierce warriors of the highest calibur and wield swords able to cut through Karcero flesh like butter and support strong forts across the whole globe of Muka. These sentient beings prevent wars and battles with democracy and reason  but will never back down if there is no other alternative, painting the lands with blood and showing no mercy to there enemies. They show great valour and due to there innovative crafting skills they are triumphant most of the time.






Born from the giant Woe La's teardrop, this planet is surrounded by an aurora of light around its axis, turning with each lunar cycle from passing years. The Colours of each eclipse that take place rarely seem to change in Metamorphosis filling the sky. Liuka is further away from all the other planets and is a world of duality. One side of it is a bright gold and amber colour with various deep greens and browns however the other side is black, grey and misted, covered in Ink and soot, The Giants call it a dual world as it is made up of 2 separate yet connected sides as a balancing act. The world of light is called Blossom, or Blooma in the Lunian language and the world of darkness is called Sacramosis, or Morkla also in Lunian. Liukians prefer to use the Lunian names for these realms as they are shorter and easier to remember. Within Blooma holds a place called the golden fields of heaven which is a very sacred place to the angels that live there. Within the golden fields of heaven there is a huge lake bearing white waters of eternal life. This lake sits right next to the giant tree of souls, dripping each dead spirit into the waters of the lake revealing the lives of the individuals visually, like a screen displaying it through the waters. The souls of the dead from earth are reincarnated within these waters baptised into a Blooma greeted by angels. The Gods and Lunians decide who can be reborn in these waters within Blooma based on rules stating: that if one has been true to oneself and taken the honourable and brave task of trying to make humanity brighter and trying to enlighten the people of earth. Also if they are someone who has suffered without deserving it and have been abused and traumatised by evil then they shall be cleansed in the white waters. Liukians were once human beings but they were reincarnated and blessed with enlightenment from all there hard work and struggles on Earth.