Gods And Goddesses


Rose Is the Goddess Of light and unconditional love. 


Rose was born in the neon forest named Elicia not far from the golden fields of heaven near the white waters of eternal life and the big tree. Deep inside mother Liuskas' womb she lay cocooned inside an ever growing and glowing bloom sprouting from the soil in this neon forest. Pulsing waves of ambience fill the night sky. One night the cocoon fully blossoms into a bright glowing blue flower which opens its leaves revealing a being covered in moss and daisy heads. She awakens to a shower of rain purifying her aura. Born from love and happiness her spirit calms any aggressive animal or creature to those standing in her presence. She wears a white light gown with sanguine red leaves woven into the fabric and her body. Her face pale like the Earths' moon but welcoming like the sun. rose is ghosts opposite.

When she was born that night in Forest Elicia under the neon moon (which also eclipsed) angels arrived to welcome there new friend and queen of Blooma. 



Ghost is the god of Blackness and extreme hatred


A lost being named Ghost dwells in Morkla desperately trying to find his soul wondering lonely through the land devoid of emotion on a trial of enlightenemnet to find a spirit willing to give hime new life. Ghost isn't a dark being but because that was all he knew his sin was that he simply didn't know any better. The darkness was his friend so he found security in it falling into madness and psychosis only seeing glimpses of light unknown to him.  His friends are mannequins barely animate with mechanical limbs which brought a tear of ink to his eye as there was no connection, just empty faces in a world of sorrow. He cried for days sometimes only wanting love and warmth in his realm of cold, blackness, soot and ink. There were even wars of extreme rage because of this. Ghost tormented a man named Seacrow who lived in a town called Inksun. Also a lost soul trying to fight Ghost and his evil empire known as The Pit. A huge industrial factory scaling miles in smoke and radiation poisoning peoples minds in psychosis. Anyone living nearby has to wear gas masks to prevent there sanity from deteriorating and crumbling away unto the very depths of Ghosts' darkness.